The Toba's home system is centered around their sun, Aluza. This system is comprised of two core planetary bodies: Quantum Prime, the Toba home world, and Jivla, the deserted planet. Quantum Prime and Jivla each have seven exotic and ecologically unique Moons that orbit them.

The Aluza system is vast, so the Council of Game Masters has approved racing by new Commanders in phases. On Launch Day, Commanders and their Dogs will be able to race across Quantum Prime and four initial Moons: Exosol, Lukona, Polar Paradise, and Proxima Twilight. Once the Game Masters are satisfied with the skillsets and talents of the new generation of Commanders, they have expressed interest in allowing competition to open upon additional Moons in this system.

In the meantime, explorers are welcome to venture to all unlocked Moons for a taste of what's to come, and are encouraged to take along their Dog companions - you never know what you might discover when you arrive there! Each celestial body features unique terrain, weather, obstacles, and hazards - why not explore them all?