Rockets are worn like a jetpack, allowing you as your Dog's Commander to activate Rocket Boosts that increase their running speed during a race. The Genesis Set has 25 Rocket types, ranging from the classically inspired Atomic Bolt to the exotic Prismatic Converter. Future Sets will introduce new Rocket types to collect and leverage to your in-game advantage!

Plasma Raptor


Big Chief


Firefly Fury


Tungsten Torch



All Rockets offer a unique approach to racing. From the Tristar Rush's multiple Boost capabilities to the Chaos Cyclone's ability to recycle previously used Items, there's a Rocket to suit every Commander's gameplay strategy!

Every Rocket ability delivers a special strategic benefit to you or your Dog. Some Rockets, like the Raging Bull and Triple Falcon, improve some of your Dog's stats for the duration of a race. Others, such as the Tungsten Torch, provide enticing in-game effects to power unique race strategies!

All Rocket abilities in the Genesis set are continuous or triggered effects. This means that while racing, you will not need to actively manage your Rocket's ability; instead, it will take effect automatically.

Base Stats

Rockets have five base stats that impact their racing style. Each Rocket has a different combination of base stats, allowing for a wide range of Rocket and Dog combinations and strategies.

Boost Speed represents the additional running speed your Dog gains while boosting. Though speed is often the first consideration while racing, don't be so quick to judge a Rocket solely by its Boost Speed. Sometimes, a Rocket's other stats can easily offset a lower Boost Speed!

Boost Duration is quantified by the number of seconds your Rocket will Boost after activation. Different gameplay strategies and racecourse terrain can affect whether a longer or shorter Boost Duration is better. In some races, you'll want a longer boosting Rocket, while in others, it may be more optimal to choose a shorter boosting Rocket!

Heat Flux is the amount of Heat your Rocket generates each second while boosting, compounding into a cautionary value represented as a Heat percentage. A 5 Heat Flux means your Rocket will gain 5% Heat per second of boosting.

Stay alert! Once a Rocket gains more than 100% Heat, it has a chance of overheating and shutting off, rendering it unusable for the rest of the race.

Heat Dissipation is the amount of Heat your Rocket will lose every second it is not boosting. A 4.5 Heat Dissipation means your Rocket will lose 4.5% Heat every second it is not boosting.

Sometimes having a lot of Heat can be beneficial to specific race strategies. In these circumstances, you'll want a lower Heat Dissipation rate Rocket!

Fuel Tanks determine the maximum number of Rocket Fuel canisters you can load into your Rocket simultaneously. Higher Fuel Tanks allow you to load more types of Rocket Fuel at once. This can offer strategic advantages by allowing you to Boost with the best Rocket Fuel possible at any given moment!

Boosting and Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel is an Item included in your Strategy Deck. Before you can Boost your Rocket, you'll need at least one Rocket Fuel loaded in your Fuel Tanks. To load Rocket Fuel, play it from your hand while racing.

After you've loaded Rocket Fuel, you can Boost. Each Boost costs one Rocket Fuel. After you finish boosting, the Rocket Fuel you used to Boost with is consumed, and its Fuel Tank becomes empty, ready to be reloaded with another.

There are several different types of Rocket Fuel, each featuring a unique special effect that can enhance your racing experience and help you chase that finish line! With options like Stardust Nitro that increase your Rocket's Boost Duration, or Solar Supreme that can cause your opponents to gain extra Heat, there's a Rocket Fuel to complement every race strategy!

Jungle Juice

Rocket Fuel

Raging Hellfire

Rocket Fuel

Lightning Plasma

Rocket Fuel

Nova Blast

Rocket Fuel


In Rocket Dogs, Heat is an important aspect to keep an eye on during your race, and is always indicated as a percentage. While a Rocket is Boosting, it gains Heat based on its Heat Flux stat. While a Rocket is not Boosting, it loses Heat based on its Heat Dissipation stat. Once a Rocket gains more than 100% Heat, it has a chance of overheating and shutting off, rendering it unusable for the rest of the race.

Heat percentages that total over 100% means there's a higher chance of overheating your Rocket. For every 1% over 100%, you'll gain an additional 1% chance of overheating. Your Rocket's safety sensors will diligently monitor your Heat every second, but be careful - every second spent over 100% Heat comes with huge risks of overheating. Though your sensors are watchful, they cannot prevent or reverse the negative effects of an overheated Rocket!

Are you conservative, or are you a maverick, willing to push your Rocket beyond its limits to gain every possible advantage to try to win? Strategic management of your Heat can be the difference between cruising to victory or limping to the finish with a lifeless Rocket!

Rarity Bonuses

Every Rocket has a unique rarity bonus, which takes the form of minor ability enhancements or small improvements to the Rocket's base stats or its ability. Each rarity tier above Common slightly improves the chosen rarity bonus. For example, the Atomic Bolt's Heat Flux stat reduces by 0.05% for every rarity tier above Common, up to a 0.25% reduction for a Cosmic Rare Atomic Bolt.

Rocket Leveling & Generations

Like Dogs, you will eventually be able to level up your Rockets, too! Deliver maximum competitive edge to your canine companion by equipping your Rocket with the latest and greatest in racing technology that this galaxy has ever seen. Rocket Leveling and Generations are slated to launch with the Moonrise set, currently scheduled for mid 2023. More detailed information will be released as we approach launch of these systems. For intrepid Commanders, a brief preview of each system is provided below:

Rocket Leveling

All Gen 1 Rockets start at Level 0 and have the potential to reach a Max Level of 25. Level advancement between 1 - 25 is achieved by spending Insert Coins to unlock each successive Level.

The cost of each Rocket level is equivalent to $1.00 USD paid in Insert Coins when you level up your Rocket.

Higher levels, eventually up to Level 100, are achieved through the Rocket Generations system described below.

Leveling your Rocket lets you unlock its true potential. With more complexity and nuance than that of the Dog Leveling system, Rocket Leveling allows you to fine-tune every aspect of your favorite Rocket to fit your specific race strategies. From altering your Rocket's stats to unlocking additional abilities, the system will satisfy even the most demanding gearhead!

Rocket Generations

All Rockets have a Generation (Gen for short), which determines the Max Level ceiling the given Rocket can achieve. Higher Gen Rockets allow for higher max levels, as outlined below.

Generation (Gen) Max Level
1 25
2 40
3 55
4 70
5 85
6 100

Rockets sold in Combo Boxes are always Gen 1.

Gen 2 through Gen 6 Rockets are acquired by recycling two Max Level Rockets of the same type from the same generation. The newly engineered next-Gen Rocket always starts at Level 0, and is an NFT, just like all other non-recycled Rockets. Examples:

  • 2 Gen 1 Level 25 Raging Bulls Gen 2 Level 0 Raging Bull
  • 2 Gen 5 Level 85 Spitfires Gen 6 Level 0 Spitfire

When you recycle your Rockets to create a next-Gen Rocket, the originals are recycled, are no longer playable, are no longer owned by you, and cease to be NFTs. However, their racing and scavenging adventures will be memorialized in your account forever!