Quantum Prime

Quantum Prime


Quantum Prime, the home world of the Toba, the ancient seat of Toba civilization, has seen more changes than any of the celestial bodies in the Aluza system. Long ago the Toba arose on Quantum Prime, and eventually the Toba themselves evolved - with unique gifts caused by the Enhanced Water that coursed up from the deepest springs and aquifers.

Toba civilization went through many of the same stages as human civilization on Earth - small hunter-gatherer tribes, early farming communities, ancient empires, and pugnacious empires with castles and catapults. Eventually the Toba entered their industrial age, and in their race to free themselves from the drudgery and extreme physical labor of doing everything by hand, they fouled the environment of Quantum Prime with smoke, exhaust, and soot. …but then, as their technology and thus wealth increased even more, they reversed this, switching from dirty burning fuels to clean fission and later fusion power, and the environment Quantum Prime began to heal.

Quantum Prime is thus a mixture of gleaming high tech spire cities, and beautiful countryside. Rural regions like Waimod, Banto, Daiko, Leenro, and Idgoroo grow grains, gourds, and fruits for the populace of the spire cities, but other regions are set aside as nature parks.

Orchards of Idgoroo


Far from the crush of Quantum City are the Orchards of Idgoroo, where millions of trees hang heavy with tangy shoavi fruit, rich nenda gourds, and clusters of sheshi.

Beneath the endless trees the gardening and harvesting robots circle on their endless rounds, adding a bit of fertilizer to the ground beneath one tree, disposing of weeds beneath another, picking up the rare fallen fruit before it can attract pests, and harvesting fruits each day - but only the ones that are perfectly ripe and ready to be transported to the kitchens and markets of Quantum City.

While the orchards are dominated by robotic workers, several Toba labor here and there, either maintaining robots, or picking fruit by hand as part of a fun day out of the city.

Rocket Dogs are probably in too much of a rush to stop by any of the small stands offering fresh fruit or handmade deserts and confections featuring the bounty of the orchards, but maybe they can stop by after the races!

Quantum City Spaceport


Quantum City is the beautiful high-tech capital of Quantum Prime, and a showpiece of all Toba civilization - and what a showpiece it is! Sparkling towers, with manicured gardens spilling down their terraces, fill the city center. Levitating cars ride on magnetic monorails, filling the city with motion and excitement. Bright lights illuminate the city’s many parks at dusk, making evening strolls along the many rivers and streams enjoyable and safe. Toba children race around the parks, swatting at yinyon balls with their sticks, gathering in packs to push large lentisi balls back and forth across the fields.

If the Rocket Dogs happen to race through Quantum Prime at night they’ll miss the parks full of children, but instead jet past the entertainment districts, lit by the neon glow of signs, and see the endless traffic at the Quantum City Spaceport, where cargo ships land from sunset to sunup, bringing in the bounty of the Aluza system - everything from fruits and vegetables from elsewhere on Quantum Prime, to meats from Astro Gulch, to rare ores from Exosol.

Quantum Starport


The Quantum Starport, located outside Quantum City, is a place of maintenance depots, warehouses, command towers, huge concrete launch pads, and - most of all - starships! This is not where the freighters from the various moons dock to unload their cargoes of foodstuffs and minerals - this is where the true starships that travel from star to star searching for alien species land, get their scheduled maintenance and repair, and then set out again. As Rocket Dogs race past they may see new exploration starships under construction, groups of scientists walking around with data tablets discussing their latest finds, or lab technicians carefully wheeling large glass carboys of water samples taken from far off planets. There are tons to gawk at but be careful! Even though Toba explorers love Rocket Dogs, they won’t have much of a sense of humor if you knock over and destroy a precious sample from thousands of lightyears away!

City Streets


The Circuit is fun, but the City Streets racecourse on Quantum Prime is incredible. The roar of Quantum City fans propels Rocket Dogs around the Circuit and out onto the City Streets. The pavement is smooth, and the course is fast. Toba crowd the sidewalks as the Rocket Dogs blast by. Even though this is all out speed, don’t let your guard down and get snared by a Trap. Anything goes in this race as every dog wants to be the first back in the Circuit. That final lap around the Circuit is magical no matter where you finish. But first place is best, always.

The Circuit


The Circuit is the fastest and most straightforward racecourse. Its elongated oval allows Rocket Dogs to maintain maximum Speed during a race while providing heightened visibility to effectively deploy Attacks with precision-like accuracy. Set within an open-air stadium, it’s a spectator’s dream, and the Toba citizens pack the stadium full on race nights to cheer on their favorite Rocket Dogs!