Rarity Guide

All NFTs in Rocket Dogs have a specific rarity. Here's how it works:

Standard Rarity Tiers

There are five standard rarity tiers, ordered from least to more rare:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Super Rare
  • Ultra Rare

All Dog Breeds and Rocket Types are available at all five tiers, with each tier having a distinct skin. All Items have a base rarity, such as Uncommon or Super Rare.

Cosmic Rare

Cosmic Rare is the rarest and most exclusive NFT tier available in the Rocket Dogs universe, designated by a special animated visual effect to distinguish an asset's standard and Cosmic Rare variant. Each Dog, Rocket, and Item have one or more Cosmic Rare variants available for discovery by Commanders favored by fortune, fate, and glory.

Dogs and Rockets have five Cosmic Rare variants each, corresponding to each of the five standard rarity skins. All Items have one Cosmic Rare variant each.

A limited number of each Cosmic Rare variant is redeemable with Gemstones gathered from Scavenging.


All NFTs distributed through marketing, prize, reward, airdrop, and similar programs are considered Exclusive rarity. These NFTs are never sold. Instead, they are acquired in various ways. The Preorder Exclusives, Recruitment Exclusives, and Collaboration Exclusives are the first NFTs in this rarity tier.

All Exclusive rarity NFTs have one or more Cosmic Rare variants redeemable with Gemstones gathered from Scavenging.

Rarity Bonuses & Improvements

Higher rarity variants gain bonuses and slight improvements over their lower rarity counterparts. Here's how it works:


Each rarity tier above Common is a testament to that Dog's extraordinary nature, both as a racing competitor and as a best friend. Commanders will find that each rarity tier exceeding Common will offer that Dog 1 additional Rarity Bonus Stat Point (i.e., Rare +2, Cosmic Rare +5) that Commanders can use to enhance any of the Dog's eight stats. See the Dog Leveling section of the game manual for more details.


Rarity is a designation leveraged by Toba engineers to push the boundaries of each Rocket. Every Rocket has a unique rarity bonus, which takes the form of minor ability enhancements or small improvements to the Rocket's base stats or its ability. Each rarity tier above Common slightly improves the chosen rarity bonus. For instance: the Atomic Bolt's Heat Flux stat reduces by 0.05% for every rarity tier above Common, up to a 0.25% reduction for a Cosmic Rare Atomic Bolt. See the Rocket Rarity Bonuses section of the game manual for more details.


All Items available for discovery in Rocket Dogs maintain an intrinsic base rarity. It's also possible to discover a superior shadow of the item itself, the Cosmic Rare variant, for a total of two different versions of each unique Item. Cosmic Rare variants are slightly improved versions of their lower rarity counterparts. From a lowered Build Cost to minor effect improvements, Cosmic Rare variants are the universe's flawless vision of each Item.