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Thrilling Races, Dazzling Loot!

Embark on races of cosmic chaos in the world of Rocket Dogs, the ultimate racing strategy game. Featuring fierce competition, exciting scavenging quests, spectacular Moons, and digital collectible Dogs, Rockets, and Item NFTs, your possibilities are unlimited. Skillfully test and perfect your racing strategy to create the galaxy's greatest Rocket Dog, capable of racing across the universe in pursuit of dazzling loot, untold glory, and legendary head scratches!

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Commanders hail from far and wide, but all have one goal: guiding their Rocket Dog to win races across the Aluza system. As a Commander, you'll team up with your favorite canine companion to compete in races against other Dogs on exotic Moons throughout the Aluza solar system.

Speed Run

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Agility Training

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3... 2... 1... Go!

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Super Rare


Super Rare

Shiba Inu

Cosmic Rare

Dogs in Space

Dogs are the primary competitor in Rocket Dogs, but their bond with their Commander is the star of the event. Hit the track with your Rocket Dog to discover which Rocket, Item, and Racecourse is best suited for your strategy.

Electric Lightstorm


G5 Cruiser

Ultra Rare

Dragon Fire

Cosmic Rare

Ready Your Rocket Boost

Executed at just the right moment, speed boosts can make or break any race. Dogs wear jetpack-like Rockets during their races, allowing Commanders to activate Rocket Boosts that can increase a Dog's running speed any time during a race.

Aero Helmet


Shell of Freedom

Cosmic Rare

Meteorite Storm

Cosmic Rare

Discover Other-Worldly Items

Items can fundamentally alter the course of a race and help guide your Rocket Dog to victory. As your Dog's Commander, you'll decide when to remotely deploy offensive Attacks and defensive Shields, potentially pushing your Dog closer to victory!



Race Across The Universe

From the terrestrial planets of Quantum Prime and Jivla to an array of exotic and ecologically unique Moons, the Game Masters have established racecourses throughout the Aluza system. Each planetary body features unique terrain, weather, obstacles, and hazards - why not explore them all?



Scavenge The Cosmos

Send your Rocket-boosted Dogs on off-world Scavenging quests to collect different types of Gemstones. You can redeem these Gemstones for unique loot found nowhere else in the Aluza system!

Toba Commander & His Dog


Dive Into The Lore

Treasured on their home planet of Earth and championed on Quantum Prime, the Dogs of Earth are cherished across star systems for their loyalty and companionship. Rocket Dogs began as a way to further one's bond with their Dog, linked by the spirit of competition and the pursuit of victory.

What's inside each Genesis Advanced Box?

  • A majestic Dog
  • A powerful Rocket
  • Your first Strategy Deck of 15 Items

In total, a complete Loadout of 17 NFTs ready to race!

Price: $100 per Box

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To begin your journey as one of the galaxy's first Commanders, preorder Genesis NFTs today to jumpstart your collection. By placing a preorder, you'll receive Exclusive NFTs and enjoy the untapped potential of Racing and Scavenging spoils before the frontier opens to the masses!

Ares' Reticle

Preorder by October 26th, 2022

Wings of Hermes

Preorder by October 26th, 2022

Nyx's Midnight Tunic

Preorder by November 4th, 2022

Drum of Raijin

Preorder by November 18th, 2022

Headphones of Harpocrates

Preorder by December 2nd, 2022

Apollo's Amulet

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