The Rocket Dogs universe exists in a galaxy far from the celestial corridor we on Earth call home. Far across the expanse of space, one might find the glittering cosmic system of Delkino-7, a galaxy home to many diverse sentient species. The Toba is the most advanced of such species, capable of intergalactic travel to sate their wanderlust and curiosity about the civilizations beyond their own. Many Toba scholars believe their culture to be the first intelligent lifeforms that came to be in our Universe, a few mere millennia after it was created.

Treasured on their home planet of Earth and championed on Quantum Prime, the Dogs of Earth are cherished across star systems for their loyalty and companionship. Rocket Dogs began as a way to further one's bond with their Dog, linked by the spirit of competition and the pursuit of victory - indeed, perhaps the only lifeforms that love Dogs as much as we on Earth do is the Toba of Quantum Prime.

After much deliberation and judiciary consideration, a historic agreement has been formalized - the Toba High Council and the Council of Game Masters have concurred that the story of Rocket Dogs is ready to be told, at last.

Thanks to collaborative efforts between esteemed Toba historian Neem Charlo (College of Toba Sciences, Idgoroo Province) and celebrated Toba author Traven (A Look Inside Observational Trips, Proper Methods to Process & Cook Dailano), the historical account of Rocket Dogs is complete! For the first time in recorded history, this compendium is available for perusal by the people of Earth. This groundbreaking compendium includes a preface, followed by six self-contained stories, allowing readers time to digest and discuss each, in typical Toba fashion.

The Toba High Council and the Council of Game Masters have commissioned these stories in the interest of giving new and future Commanders a basic understanding of Rocket Dogs' decorated history, and offer a deeper perspective of the pioneering significance held by this interstellar and interspecies sport.