Items can fundamentally alter the course of a race and help your Rocket Dog secure victory from the fierce jaws of battle. The Genesis Set features 214 Items, ranging from the untethered chaos of a FUD Missile Attack to the powerful Ares' Reticle, a piece of Gear for your Dog's eyes. Future Sets will include new Items to relentlessly power-up your race strategies and shake up the metagame.

Every Item has a unique ability that provides a strategic benefit in-game. With nearly infinite strategic possibilities, let your creativity run wild as you complete your Loadout by equipping Gear and building your Strategy Deck!

Use & Acquisition

Every Item in Rocket Dogs is Permanent. Items are never consumed after using them; you'll always retain ownership of them after their use in a race.

A starting set of Items are included in Combo Boxes, and you can acquire even more by purchasing Supply Packs.

Some Items in each Set can only be redeemed with Gemstones earned on Scavenging quests with your Dog - they are not purchasable. See Scavenging for more details.

Types & Subtypes

All Items have a type and subtype that determines how and when the Item can be used in the game.








Gear is exactly what it sounds like: Items you can outfit your Dog with! The Gear category of Items includes wearable equipment or accessories, such as helmets, eyewear, or outfits, that provide you or your Dog strategic in-race benefits or abilities. Gear cannot be added to a Strategy Deck, it is directly equipped by your Dog.



There are six different subtypes of Gear, which correspond to the six Gear Slots that each Dog has: Head, Eyes, Neck, Body, Legs, and Accessory. Your Dog can equip up to one piece of Gear from each subtype in their respective Slots. Fully outfitting your Dog with Gear is never a requirement to race, but experiment with all six slots to find a combination you love while achieving peak performance (and cuteness)!


Attacks are offensive actions you can remotely deploy against your opponents to help your Dog push through to reign victorious! If you choose to use Attacks while racing, you must include them in your Strategy Deck so you have them during the race. There are three subtypes of Attacks in the game:

Strains are mental effects that attempt to distract, silence, or debuff your opponent's Dogs. Strains can be countered by the Will stat: higher Will reduces the impact of an opponent's Strains against a Dog, and sometimes helps them avoid them altogether!

Spikes are physical effects that attempt to slow, stun, or physically affect your opponent's Dogs or Rockets. Spikes can be countered by the Agility stat: the higher a Dog's Agility, the greater the chance they can successfully dodge an opponent's Spikes!

Traps are deployable devices or enclosures on the racecourse that briefly catch opponent Dogs within them, allowing your Dog to gain a time advantage and speed past trapped Dogs! Traps have a higher chance of being countered by a higher Perception stat: if a Dog perceives an enemy trap, they may be able to side-step it. You can deploy Traps along the racecourse, and they'll stay hidden from your opponents until they're caught in the Trap, perceive it, or avoid it!

All Traps have a designated number of Charges, which determines how many times the Trap can activate and attempt to trap opponent Dogs before it disappears from the racecourse.


Provisions are a category of Items that help Commanders and their Dogs execute spectacular race strategies that defy all odds. If you choose to use Provisions while racing, you must include them in your Strategy Deck so you have them during the race!

Shields are defensive-oriented effects that protect your Dog from opponent Attacks. While Shields may only be temporary, playing them at the right time can make or break your race!

Treats are mid-race drinks and snacks that help fuel your Dog's race performance by boosting their Energy. Any Dog will be happy if tossed a mid-race Treat, so don't be stingy: help your Dog avoid hitting the wall!

Amps employ an array of effects that can buff your Dog while they're racing. Sometimes, you'll need a little extra mid-race juice: supercharge your Dog by amping it up!

Rocket Fuel is used to activate Rocket Boosts while Racing. One Rocket Fuel allows you to Boost once after loading it into your Rocket's Fuel Tanks. There are different types of Rocket Fuel, each with a unique special effect that can improve your race strategies!


Any Item you can add to your Strategy Deck (presently including Attacks and Provisions) have two additional attributes: Build Cost and Cooldown.

Cooldown represents the time in seconds that must elapse after playing the Item from your hand before you can play another Item. So easy there, trigger-happy - you won't be able to play any additional Items until your Cooldown is complete. Your Cooldown timer is only visible to you.

Build Cost represents the cost to include one instance of the Item in your Loadout's Strategy Deck, and ranges from 0 to 6. In a typical race, a Strategy Deck must consist of 15 Items that total no more than your Loadout's Total Capacity.

Suppose your Loadout has 25 Total Capacity, which is the sum total of your Dog's Capacity stat plus any additional Capacity gained from equipped Rockets or Gear. In that case, the total Build Cost of all the Items in your Strategy Deck can equal, but not surpass, 25. For example, if you include five copies of a 5 Build Cost Item, your other 10 Items must all have a 0 Build Cost.


Item abilities can be continuous, triggered, or active.

Gear abilities are always continuous or triggered, never active. You don't need to actively manage your Gear while racing, as their abilities will automatically take effect when their conditions are met.

Items included in your Strategy Deck, such as Attacks and Provisions, have abilities that are usually activated when you play them, or otherwise triggered when certain conditions are met after playing them (like Traps.)


Certain Items allow you to choose which opponent Dog you want to use the Item against, such as Zeus' Fury, or which area of the racecourse should be affected, such as The Sons of Ra. This process is called targeting, and each choice is called a target.

Items that do not require targeting will apply the ability's effects in other ways, such as (1) applying it to your Dog, (2) within an area of effect radius centered on your Dog's location when it was played, (3) against all opponents, or in other ways. Each Item's ability describes how the effect is applied and can be accessed at any point in the game by hovering over an Item.