The Aluza System features 2 large planets and 14 moons, divided equally between them. The inhabited planet, Quantum Prime is the Toba home world. Everything that was, is and will be Toba originates from Quantum Prime. The other planet, Jivla (ancient Toba for “companion”) is a mystery to most Toba. In olden times, Jivla was referred to as “the odd one”, “the distant one” and “the wanderer” because it seemed to trace out a different path in the night sky. Not until the discovery of the telescope did the Toba realize that Jivla was a planet with its own moons.

Jivla is of similar size and planetary orbit as Quantum Prime. Early scrolls describe Jivla as brown and blue, with no apparent plant life. However, now the planet appears to have very diverse flora, so maybe it was a late bloomer. Every celestial body in the Aluza system has active colonies on them, except Jivla. No one goes to Jivla and no one talks about Jivla. If it wasn’t critical for navigation accessing the 7 moons which orbit it, Jivla would not seem to exist at all.

Every few generations, an enterprising group of Toba decide to seek fame and fortune on Jivla. Funds are raised and plans are made. And then the talk dies down and nothing becomes of it. As far as the Toba are concerned, the deserted planet is not worth the effort.

Recently, amateur astronomers have noticed some activity on Jivla. Ships, void of transponder signals, with no markings or beacons making trips to and from Jivla. The rumors from the forums suggest Toba Military Command (TMC) is involved. The TMC has dismissed the rumors as conspiracy theories, a product of idle minds and imaginations. And yet, the ship traffic continues. Jivla certainly is “the odd one”.