Welcome Commander!

Learn to Scavenge

The Council of Game Masters has decreed that off-world airspace will soon be open for exploration, and your Dog is slated to be cleared for Scavenging! Once off-world airspace opens, you can send your rocket-boosted Dogs on Scavenging quests throughout the Aluza system in search of new deposits of Gemstones, gathering a portion of each new deposit found. Commanders can redeem retrieved Gemstones for unique Loot found nowhere else in the Aluza system.

You'll find everything you need to know about your Scavenging Command Center and gathering Gemstones in the guide below.

Determine Scavengers

The first step in taking on a Scavenging mission is selecting the Dog best suited for the task! Choose one or more of your Dogs to be your Scavengers and equip each of them with a Rocket to send them on their merry Scavenging way.

Teamwork makes the dream work. Scavenges with two or more Dogs are called Pack Scavenges, which enable your Dogs to gather more Gemstones for you than while they're on Solo Scavenges.

Choose Scavenge Location

Once you've selected your Scavengers, decide where in the Aluza system you'll send them! From the Ice Caves of Polar Paradise to the Arch of Triumph on Hyperdax, each location has a different mixture of Gemstones that your Scavengers will gather for you.

Scavenge Length

Lastly, you'll decide how long you'd like your Scavengers to Scavenge for. The longer they Scavenge, the more Gemstones your Scavengers will find.

Normal Scavenging periods can range from a quick-and-dirty twelve hours to a thoroughly investigative seven days (168 hours.) You'll choose your desired Scavenging Length when initializing each Scavenge. Once you do, it's time to send your Scavengers on their expedition!

Expedited Scavenges

Short on time? You can opt to Expedite your Scavenges by spending Insert Coins to reduce Scavenge Length by 50%, while still gathering the same number of Gemstones.

The cost to expedite Scavenges will be revealed closer to Launch Day.

Manage Scavenges

The Scavenging Command Center allows you to monitor your active Scavenge. You can only have one active Scavenge at a time. If you need to recall your Dogs and their Rockets before they've completed the Scavenge, you can Call Off the Scavenge early. You have the power to Call Off a Scavenge at any time, but be warned: if a Scavenge is interrupted, your Scavengers will not gather any Gemstones from their expedition!

Gather Gemstones

You'll gather Gemstones each time you complete a Scavenge. The number of Gemstones gathered during a Scavenge is calculated from the following factors:

  • Number of Dogs and Rockets on your Scavenge.
  • Scavenging Stats of all your Dogs on your Scavenge.
  • Rarity levels of each Dog and Rocket on your Scavenge.
  • The Length of your Scavenge.
  • Any Gemstone gathering bonuses active during your Scavenge, such as using Genesis set Dogs and Rockets, which have a lifetime Gemstone gathering bonus!
  • The luck of your Scavenging expedition, which determines whether they find smaller or larger deposits of Gemstones on their quest!

All gathered Gemstones are deposited into your collection after completing a Scavenge.

Gemstone Types

There are four different types of Gemstones your Dog can collect during a Scavenge, each of which hold unique properties, utility, and value. Some Loot requires multiple Gemstone types, while others can only be redeemed with a certain type of Gemstone. Purple, Green, and Blue Gemstones can be easily found on all Scavenges, but their availability may differ from ecosystem to ecosystem. If you're hunting for a specific type, try to find a location that has a high percentage of the Gemstone you seek.

Originating from black diamond meteorites, Black Gemstones are the rarest of all and as such, they alone can redeem the rarest of Loot. Forged near the dawn of time, these precious Gemstones are scattered throughout the Aluza system whenever a meteorite storm rains down. Their rarity may be daunting, but be patient: you never know when you'll stumble upon the motherlode!

Purple Gemstone


Green Gemstone


Blue Gemstone


Black Gemstone

Ultra Rare

Redeem Gemstones for Loot

Once you've Scavenged to your heart's content, you can trade in your found Gemstones for dazzling Loot in the form of unique NFTs. Once the supply of any individual Loot has been completely redeemed, no more will be available for redemption.

There are presently four types of Loot for which you can redeem your Gemstones:

  • Scavenge Only Items: Some Items in each Set are Scavenge Only Items, meaning they are not available for purchase and only redeemable via Gemstone exchange. 25 Items from the Genesis set are Scavenge Only Items, 15 of which will be available for redemption upon the game's launch.

    All Scavenge Only Items maintain a standard rarity (Common - Ultra Rare.) The supply of each Scavenge Only Item is dynamic, but is capped at the average supply of its Set's corresponding rarity tier.

  • Cosmic Rare Items: A limited, fixed supply of every Cosmic Rare Item in the game is made available for redemption with Gemstones.

  • Collaboration Exclusives: A limited, fixed supply of each Collaboration Exclusive NFT is made available for redemption with Gemstones.

  • Cosmic Rare Dogs & Rockets: One NFT of every Cosmic Rare Dog and Rocket in the game is made available for redemption with Gemstones. For the Genesis set, this works out to 250 total NFTs available for redemption:

25 Dogs x 5 Cosmic Rare versions each = 125 Cosmic Rare Dogs

25 Rockets x 5 Cosmic Rare versions each = 125 Cosmic Rare Rockets

Detailed Gathering & Redemption Rates

A detailed breakdown of gathering and redemption rates will be posted as we approach launch.

Gemstones are not NFTs or crypto tokens. They are not tradable, giftable, or otherwise transferable between accounts. They have no value, only the ability to redeem Loot.