Before your first race, you'll first need to build your very own Racing Loadout that includes the following:

  • A Dog
  • A Rocket
  • Up to 6 Gear
  • A Strategy Deck of Items

Strategy Deck - Standard Loadout Rules

  • Each Commander's Strategy Deck must include exactly 15 Items, comprised of Attacks and Provisions. Gear cannot be added to a Strategy Deck.
  • There is no limit to the quantity of each individual Item in your Deck. If you so desire and your strategy calls for it, nothing stands between you and the decision to stack your Strategy Deck with 15 FUD Missiles. (Just make sure you know your way around an intergalactic fire extinguisher.)
  • Your Loadout's Total Capacity is the sum of your chosen Dog's Capacity stat, plus any added Capacity granted as a bonus from your equipped Rocket and Gear. While the total Build Cost of all your Items cannot exceed your Loadout's Total Capacity, it can be less.

If your Loadout has 25 Total Capacity, the total Build Cost of all the Items in your Strategy Deck can equal, but not exceed, 25. For example, if you include five copies of a 5 Build Cost Item, your other 10 Items must all have a 0 Build Cost.

Example Standard Racing Loadout

  • Dog: Shiba Inu (18 Capacity)
  • Rocket: Righteous Fire
  • Gear:
    • Head: Stardog Helmet
    • Eyes: Solar Shades
    • Neck: Apollo's Amulet
    • Body: Stardog Suit (+4 Capacity)
    • Legs: Stardog Boots
    • Accessory: Hoverboard
  • Loadout Total Capacity: 22
  • Strategy Deck of 15 Items (Attacks & Provisions), Up to 22 Build Cost Total:
    • (3) Stardust Nitro (0 Total Build Points)
    • (2) Electrolyte Gummies (4 Total Build Points)
    • (1) Atomic Water (3 Total Build Points)
    • (1) Time Vortex (6 Total Build Points)
    • (3) Portable Hole (3 Total Build Points)
    • (2) Sweep the Floor (4 Total Build Points)
    • (2) Speedtrap (2 Total Build Points)
    • (1) Not Gonna Make It (0 Total Build Points)
  • Total Items: 15
  • Total Build Points: 22/22
  • Deck Stats: Legal

Strategy Deck - Katiki's Crazy Loadout Rules

Once your generation of Commanders has mastered Standard Loadout races, Katiki will allow you to race with crazy Loadout Rules! Double Capacity limits and various other unique rules will challenge even the most seasoned of Commanders.

Welcome Letter

The Council of Game Masters has sent you a welcome letter to help start your Rocket Dogs racing journey:


Congratulations! You've been cleared for competition in Rocket Dogs. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks to get you started building your first Racing Loadout:

  • Step 1: Choose your favorite Dog you own. No matter your choice, all Rocket Dogs are ready to race!

    Favor all-out Speed & Acceleration? Team up with the Greyhound!

    Want to overwhelm your opponents with the most powerful Attacks? Consider the ferocious and versatile English Bulldog.

    Some Commanders prefer creating a legendary bond with their Dog, regardless of their breed's racing style or advantages. It's never wrong to join forces with your favorite furry friend - a strong bond will bring you to victory!

  • Step 2: Choose and equip your Dog's Rocket. Regardless of which Rocket you choose, they'll all help Boost your Dog past your opponents, leaving the competition in the dust!

    Looking to double-down on Speed, harnessing the power of the zoomies? The Atomic Bolt or Firefly Fury is right up your alley.

    Need to protect your Dog from a flurry of incoming Attacks? A Screaming Banshee could do the trick.

    Maybe you're all about creative expression and prefer to outfit your Dog with the latest in Rocket-shaped vogue. No one will ever balk at the decision to just rock style.

  • Step 3: If you're targeting peak performance, outfit your Dog with some Gear!

    For a reliable set of benefits to round out your Dog, look no further than the Alpha Insignia.

    Worried about mischievous opponents on the racecourse? During a Trap-heavy race, the Solar Shades will prove useful for your Dog.

    Remember, you can outfit your Dog with up to one piece of Gear from each of the six Gear subtypes. More Gear means more benefits, so choose the Gear that's right for you and your Dog!

  • Step 4: Complete your Loadout with a Strategy Deck of 15 Items. With an array of strategic possibilities as limitless as the stars in the sky, let your creativity run wild when designing your Strategy Deck!

    Explore a mix of Attack subtypes to decide what suits your strategy best. Spikes, Strains, and Traps all have different styles of effects on the racecourse. A familiar favorite is the FUD Missile, an easy-to-use yet effective Strain.

    Careful selection of your Provisions can have a significant impact on the outcome of your races. A Dog Bone or two and a few Stardust Nitro are a great starting point for fine-tuning - from loading up on Rocket Fuel to ushering in your Dog's second wind with Treats, test out different combinations of Provisions to see what best powers up your Dog's pursuit of victory!

    Remember, your Strategy Deck must include exactly 15 Items totaling no more than your Loadout's Total Capacity (unless, of course, you're racing in one of Katiki's crazy formats!)

We've given you the basics you'll need to become the galaxy's greatest Dog Commander, but the most powerful knowledge you can uncover will be waiting for you on the racecourse.

May your Dog be nimble, your Rocket quick, and your wit sharp to outpace, outlast, and outrank your opponents in Rocket Dogs!

Godspeed, Commander. We know you'll be a force to reckon with.

- The Game Masters