Q4 2024


Mid 2025

The Stellar Awakening

Late 2025

Launch Day

Already amped to hit the racecourse with your Rocket Dog? We are, too! As we approach launch, here's what to expect from the months ahead.

Rocket Dogs will launch as a fully-playable game, soon. The Genesis Set and associated NFTs will release alongside the game on the same day: Launch Day.

We've worked hard developing Rocket Dogs since summer 2021, and Launch Day is targeted for the end of this year.

Once an official Launch Day of the game and Genesis Set NFTs has been solidified, we will update this website with the official date and announce it in our Discord and on all our social media channels.

Preorder Genesis NFTs Today to be ready to race as soon as the game launches!

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Future Sets

Content will continue evolving as the game grows. Future Sets will unleash around 25 new Dog Breeds, 25 new Rocket Types, 200+ new Items, and new gameplay features across the Aluza System to ensure a continually evolving metagame that keeps players engaged for decades to come. We're aiming to release hundreds of Dog Breeds and Rocket Types over the next decade, alongside dozens of Racecourses and thousands of new Items to incite chaos across the galaxy.

After the launch of the game and the Genesis Set, new Sets will be released twice a year, so keep your eyes up for the next drop - your next racing companion is just around the corner!

All Rocket Dogs Sets will be available for a limited time and will become unavailable the day before preorders open for the next Set. For example, the Genesis Set will be available for purchase until the day before we launch preorders for the second Rocket Dogs Set, Moonrise. When this happens, Genesis Set NFTs will never be able to be purchased from us again. Preorders for each future Set will open about a month before the Set's release date.