A Proper Introduction

A Proper Introduction

Some species consider us Toba to be gods or demi-gods. Much to their disappointment, this is far from the truth. As one of the earliest intelligent life forms to spring forth in the Universe, we’ve had millions of years of scientific advancement. Our sophisticated technology is light-years ahead of most other civilizations in the Universe. When First Contact Protocols aren’t followed to the T, less advanced species we encounter on Observational Trips often confuse our technology for god-like abilities. Sometimes, these encounters form the basis of myths and legends among these less developed species.

To help dispel inaccurate myths and legends about our species, let’s define what exactly we Toba are:

We are a powerful yet peaceful people. While we have sophisticated weaponry and technology, we have reached a state of near utopia within our society. We have escaped the cycle of endless wars and societal division, although not without substantial sacrifices.

All Toba are shapeshifters, able to transform into most creatures we’ve observed in the Universe. We are bipeds in our natural state. Our shape-shifting abilities start in young adulthood; however, some Toba never master the skill. Despite repeated experiments, no Toba has ever been able to successfully shape-shift into an inanimate object. How would a living rock work anyway? This failure hasn’t deterred the small group of thrill seekers who continue to push the boundaries of our shape-shifting abilities.

We are taller and stronger than most species we’ve observed. The species from the Talgoki-12 system have exclaimed that we have “superhuman strength,” whatever that means. In the last several million years, our sun, Aluza, has begun to age, slowly lightening our complexion over time. Both male and female Toba have long straight hair, with most having deep blue eyes which glow in low light conditions.

As omnivores, we enjoy both native and intergalactic fruits and vegetables. Our protein comes from the native animals, fowl, and fish species found throughout our home planetary system within the Delkino-7 galaxy. Toba law prohibits importing alien animal species for consumption.

Every Toba must spend at least one year in compulsory military service to ensure we can repel any attack from a hostile enemy and reinforce discipline and sacrifice. Most Toba enter military service after their formal education but before their advanced educational pursuits.

Family is essential, and most young Toba stay with their family until after their military service. All family members are expected to participate in familial gatherings and care for the elderly. Reproduction is encouraged, and most couples have 2 to 3 young; however, some have more. Childless couples are very rare. Due to our organic diet, clean environment, and enjoyment of strenuous physical activities, most Toba are long-lived, reaching the age of 250 earth years or so before expiring.

All Toba are free individuals, governed by elected officials, term-limited to prevent corruption. Although, it took eons of continual improvements and sacrifices to get our government and society to where it is today.

While the vast majority of Toba are law-abiding, some unfortunate few turn to criminal activity. Our society is non-redemptive, meaning that Toba adults who break our laws, are caught, and if found guilty, are banished from Quantum Prime and all Toba territories. They can no longer call themselves Toba and are deleted from all government lists, rolls, and records. There is no coming back, no second chance, no redemption. We do not shun the families of criminals as our belief is once a Toba comes of age, their successes or failures are theirs alone. This banishment does not apply to Toba children as we are very caring and protective parents. While all children throughout the Universe make mistakes, we are incredibly disciplined in raising our young to limit unintended behavior. When the inevitable childish mistakes happen, we use those situations as teaching opportunities to help reinforce desired behavior patterns in hopes that our children never turn to criminal activity.

As we began transitioning into our utopian state of society, we quickly realized unengaged minds lead to a slow unraveling of society. We discovered work is a necessary part of a balanced life and we are encouraged to find an occupation that matches our skillset which is both rewarding and fulfilling. To that end, not all repetitive jobs have been automated. Without entry level positions, young Toba would not have the opportunity to see what vocation they would like to pursue.

Our most brilliant and skilled Toba spend their time in the military, developing new technology, pursuing knowledge and the arts, or studying and learning about the cosmos on Universe exploration missions called Observational Trips. Our quest for Universal knowledge is limitless, and all Toba revere the select few chosen for these trips.

As much as we enjoy work, we also are very serious about our recreation. All Toba spend some of their free time playing physical reality games to keep themselves fit and entertained. The Council of Game Masters was formed to develop and maintain a variety of interactive competitive games throughout our galaxy to fulfill those pursuits.

Eons ago, after the Nea Prime disaster, we discovered The C.O.D.E., which changed our society and the Universe forever. With our newfound knowledge, we began a mission to see how prevalent The C.O.D.E. was throughout the Universe. These were the first Observational Trips.

We sent multiple ships throughout Delkino-7 and eventually across other galaxies, scanning systems and planets looking for any and all evidence of The C.O.D.E. Along the way, we learned how to harness Quantum Jump Points, making interstellar and intergalactic travel immeasurably faster. We honed our cloaking technologies and created First Contact Protocols. We successfully found other planets which held The C.O.D.E., resulting in us befriending species such as the Skatari, the Hadsiants, and the Nurlary. Unfortunately, we also uncovered a vast network of violent and savage species that led directly into the Aeonstorm, the intergalactic war which almost destroyed the Universe.

After prevailing in the Aeonstorm, we resumed our original mission and eventually revisited a tiny blue-green planet in the Talgoki-12 system. Its natives call it Earth. Little did we know then that this planet would significantly impact our society and directly lead to the creation of Rocket Dogs thousands of years later.