Insert Coins are crypto-powered reward tokens designed by Exergy Games, the studio that also developed Rocket Dogs. Mirroring an IRL arcade experience, you'll win Insert Coins every time you complete a race! These reward tokens can be used in fun, exciting, and strategic ways in the game. See below for complete details on how you can win and spend Insert Coins in Rocket Dogs.

See the Insert Coin website for complete details on these digital arcade tokens.

Win Insert Coins

You can win Insert Coins by racing across the cosmos, competing for the glory of victory on and off-world.

Genesis Set Gameplay Bonus - Insert Coins

You can win a significant amount of Insert Coins after racing with unraced Genesis Set Dogs and Rockets. After completing each of their first five races, every Genesis Set Dog and Rocket will win you thousands of Bonus Insert Coins.

These Bonuses will allow you to acquire a large amount of Insert Coins early in your journey as a Commander, which will help you begin customizing your Dogs and Rockets. This fated gift from the cosmos will help you discover and test out your best racing strategies.

Bonus rates are based on the rarity of the Genesis Set Dog and Rocket that completes its first five races:

Rarity Per Race Gameplay Bonus Total Bonus After First 5 Races
Common 2,000 10,000
Uncommon 4,000 20,000
Rare 6,000 30,000
Super Rare 8,000 40,000
Ultra Rare 10,000 50,000
Cosmic Rare 12,000 60,000

Opening an Advanced Box containing a Rare Dog and an Uncommon Rocket, for instance, allows you to win up to a total of 50,000 Bonus Insert Coins after racing five times with this Dog and Rocket pair (totaling 30,000 Bonus Insert Coins received from racing with the Dog, and 20,000 Bonus Insert Coins received from racing with the Rocket.)

Genesis Set Dogs and Rockets are eligible for these Bonus Insert Coins on each of their first 5 races. After that, the Bonus Insert Coins will no longer be available for those Dogs or Rockets, but fear not! Standard reward rates will still apply, so you'll always have an opportunity to win by completing races.

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Racing ~95% of Daily Rewards

There is no limit to how many times you can hit the course and race. Plus, the more you race, the more Insert Coins you'll win!

Winnings are linked to how well your Dog performs in a given race each day, as final rank determines what percentage of the daily per-race prize pool you'll receive. This amount is fixed during a given week.

For example, if the Daily Reward Rate per-race prize pool is 3,123 Insert Coins, each race will award the following:

  • 1st Place - 40%: 1,249 Insert Coins
  • 2nd Place - 30%: 937 Insert Coins
  • 3rd Place - 15%: 468 Insert Coins
  • 4th Place - 10%: 312 Insert Coins
  • 5th Place - 5%: 156 Insert Coins

This example is based on a projected average of 25,000 races per day for the first week of Rocket Dogs' release.

The final week 1 Rocket Dogs daily Insert Coin reward rates will be officially announced as we get closer to the game's launch. That way, an accurate daily active user projection can be used to determine week 1's daily Insert Coin reward rates. The above rates are used as examples only and are not intended as guaranteed week 1 rates. Actual week 1 daily Insert Coin rewards rates could be higher or lower.

The daily per race prize pool is subject to Weekly Reward Rate Readjustments.

Season Leaderboard Prizes ~5% of Daily Rewards

Sure, you've won the race. But did you win the marathon? Season Leaderboard Rankings determine an additional prize amount won by the Top 1,000 players across the Rocket Dogs player base, linked to their overall leaderboard ranking at the completion of each 91-day racing Season. Rankings reset at the start of each Season, so stay on your toes - will you consistently hover among the best in the galaxy, or will you claim victory by shattering the status quo as an underdog?

The projected Rocket Dogs Season 1 Prize Pool breakdown is shown below:

Season Rankings Average Prize Amount Per Rank Tier
1st 56,095,890
2nd 44,876,712
3rd 37,397,260
4th 18,698,630
5th 14,958,904
6th 11,219,178
7th 7,479,452
8th 3,739,726
9th 2,804,795
10th 1,869,863
11th - 25th 1,495,890
26th - 50th 1,121,918
51st - 100th 747,945
101st - 200th 373,973
201st - 500th 102,842
501st - 1,000th 37,397

Future Season's prize pools will be dynamic once additional games are added to the Insert Coin Arcade due to Weekly Reward Rate Adjustments.

Daily Rewards Distribution Split Adjustments

Distribution splits of Daily Insert Coin Rewards, such as the 95% to Racing and ~5% to the Season Leaderboard Prize Pool detailed above are subject to change as we see fit. Should we decide to readjust these splits, we can at any time by announcing it to players at least two weeks before any readjustment.

Claiming Player Rewards

Any Insert Coins you've received or won from playing Rocket Dogs, including any Airdrop award of Insert Coins, are claimable from the Exergy Games website using your Exergy Games account. A self-hosted Solana wallet, such as Phantom, is required to claim any Insert Coins.

Once you've won or been awarded an Airdrop of Insert Coins, you have 60 days to claim them. Any Insert Coins that remain unclaimed after 60 days will be returned to the Player Rewards pool.

Depending on a player's jurisdiction and certain regulatory limits, additional requirements may be required to claim Insert Coins.

Spend Insert Coins

You can spend your Insert Coins in fun, exciting, and strategic ways within Rocket Dogs. Here are a few ways you'll be able to spend yours:

  • Insert Coin Exclusive NFTs
  • Dog Leveling
  • Dog Stat Resets
  • Dog Skills
  • Rocket Leveling
  • Expedite Scavenging

Future Ways To Win & Spend

Check back often to discover other fun and engaging ways to utilize Insert Coins within Rocket Dogs.